Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Brandi's Basement

I have decided to title my little blogs, "Brandi's Basement." Why might you ask? Well my name's Brandi and in case you didn't know, the ever-so-cool Teen Dept. is located in the basement.

I just finished a great book this morning. It would have to be a great book cause it's rarely on the shelves. The book is Sickened by Julie Gregory. This is an auobiography about Julie, a survivor of Munchausen by Proxy. Munchausen by proxy is a disorder in which a guardian creates illnesses for the child to suffer from because of their own mental problems. This disorder is so powerful, that the doctors in this book believed that an 11-year-old girl had a very serious heart condition.

This book tackles a topic that few people are familiar with. Sickened is a book on the Abraham Lincoln award list this year.

See if the book is available, or place a request.

Check it and other Lincoln award books out next time you're in the Teen area.

See ya soon!

Brandi Smits
Teen Department
Lansing Public Library

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Kelly / Youth & Teen Dept. said...

This sounds like a pretty interesting book. It also sounds a *lot* like my 4th grade best friend... poor girl... :-(