Saturday, December 09, 2006

Caught in the Act by Peter Moore

Have you ever been in a relationship that started out fairly normal but then erupted into massive drama? That is the story of Ethan Lederer. The book Caught in the Act by Peter Moore follows high school sophomore Ethan. Ethan is a good kid. He's smart, works hard to get good grades, stays out of trouble, has a great girl-friend, Jane, and loves acting. Everything was running smoothly until he met Lydia. Lydia transferred in from another school. She dresses in black and cartoon t-shirts, has writing up and down her arms, and speaks with a different accent everday. Everyone thinks she's bizarre but Ethan decides to give her a chance. Big mistake.

Lydia starts interacting with every aspect of Ethan's life. Teachers start changing his grades. Ethan gets the lead in the play opposite Lydia. His girl-friend Jane breaks up with him. Soon Lydia won't leave Ethan alone. She calls him over 20 times a night and professes her love for him. Ethan can't get away.

Find out what happens when Ethan and Lydia come to blows.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Teen Newspaper - Holiday Edition!

~A Book & A Buck is all you need to help lots of kids
~A Holiday Guide to helping others
~Our First Bilingual Article

All in the December issue of AVATAR

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