Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Freaks: Alive on the Inside

Annette Curtis Klause touches an interesting part of the past in her book Freaks: Alive on the Inside. In this book, Abel Dandy is a freak. But the term "freak" is in the eye of the beholder for Abel is the only normal person living in a freak show amusement park called Faeryland. Abel's dad has no legs, his mother has no arms, and his first kiss was with Phoebe the Dog-faced girl. Aspiring to be a knife-thrower, Abel takes off to join a circus. Abel begins having dreams about a mysterious Egyptian girl. Abel discovers that he was not the only one to make a break away from home. His friend Apollo the Dog Boy followed him on his journey to find fortune.

While his dreams get more and more realistic, Abel and Apollo find themselves in all sorts of trouble. The worst being a traveling freak show run by Dr. Mink. Abel finds himself in a position to be a hero, save his friends and get the girl.

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