Thursday, May 31, 2007

A World Ruled by Teens

Everlost by Neal Shusterman brings up a different view of the Afterlife. When someone dies, they head toward a light which brings them to wherever it is they were going. But sometimes something happens that knocks you off track.

Allie and Nick were in different cars when the crash happened. Next thing they knew, they were floating in a dark space heading for a bright light. Somehow, they bumped into each other and both went flying off course. Nick and Allie woke up in a large forest where they meant Lief, who had been there for a while. Lief told them they were in Everlost, a place where lost children go when they die.

Despite already being dead, there are some major obstacles to get around. The biggest one is the ground. Unless you are standing on a dead zone, a place where a death had happened in the past, you will slowly start sinking into the ground toward the center of the earth. According to Lief, there is also a monster named the McGill running around who eats children.

The trio head toward Nick and Allie's homes. On the way, they run into gangs of boys who think they're tough, a know-it-all girl who lives in the Twin Towers in New York City and rules all the kids, and the McGill.

Find out how Allie, Nick, and Lief cope with the Afterlife today!

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