Saturday, June 30, 2007

Living the life of a "wise guy"

"My father. They call him Honest Abe Luca instead of Anthony because he's so straight in his business dealings, no matter how illegal they may happen to be. Never rip anybody off. Never break a promise. Except one: Honest Abe just can't seem to make good on his word to keep his line of work completely separate from my life." - Vince Luca from Son of the Mob

Vince has a tough life. His best friend, Alex, wants a love life, but will settle with living vicariously through Vince. His dad is constantly on his case about taking over the family business or at least, finding some direction in life. Not to mention, Vince's occasional run-ins with his numerous "uncles" and the sleazy Jimmy Rat at the least convenient moments messing up his chances with the ladies.

But such is the life for Mob Prince Vince Luca. Even when Vince thinks life couldn't get more complicated than his dad's "vending machine" business, Vince meets wanna-be journalist Kendra Bitely at a party. Vince discovers fairly quickly that this relationship with an FBI agent's daughter is going to take a lot more work than he thought.

Check out Son of the Mob by Gordon Korman today! If you read this one, check out the sequel, Son of the Mob: Hollywood Hustle in which Vince tackles film school.

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