Saturday, July 14, 2007

Change the World...One person at at time

Iggy Corso is an average teenager who is constantly misunderstood. Many people think Iggy is a trouble-maker, but that's not really the case. Sure Iggy got kicked out of school for allegedly threatening a teacher but he just wanted to learn Spanish that day. His home life doesn't help him much either. His meth-using mother tends to vanish for weeks at a time while his drunk and usually high father passes out on the couch for hours on end. Iggy has one friend, a 20-year-old pothead who dropped out of law school to "experience life".

While weighing out his options, Iggy comes up with a plan. If he can do something very great to help the community or even the world, the school would have to take him back. Now Iggy has only a few days to accomplish his goal before his hearing with the superintendent.

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