Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Graphic Novel of a Classic

It is one of those stories that your teachers tell you that you have to read and they all think it's pure genius, but it's a little bit over your head and should you pretend that you get it and just write a bunch of mumbo jumbo or should you be honest and tell them that you just DON'T GET IT...

NEITHER. With this graphic novel as a secondary source, you can not only get BEOWULF, but you can get into it too. This is not a replacement for the copy your teacher tells you to read. But it is something you can and should read either before or after the other. It can really help you visualize what is going on.

With really cool pictures, this is totally a modern graphic novel. The fight is harsh and the creature is ugly. Cool.

check it out! BEOWULF - by Gareth Hinds

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