Thursday, August 23, 2007

Marching to her own ukelele

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli is a story about a girl....a girl named Stargirl. That may seem like an odd name but it's no stranger than Mudpie, Hullygully, and Pocket Mouse, which are other names Susan Carroway has named herself.

From the moment she arrived at Mica High, Stargirl was the topic of conversation, both negative and positive. She roamed the halls in outfits that resembled Halloween costumes and played "Happy Birthday" to fellow students during lunch while accompanying herself on the ukelele. At first Stargirl seemed to start a revolution of individuality. Stargirl's new-found popularity vanished overnight after a disastrous basketball game.

Now Stargirl has to decided whether to listen to her boyfriend Leo and try to fit into the Mica High mold or be the one-of-a-kind girl she has always been.

Check out Stargirl today. Don't forget about the sequel, Love, Stargirl.

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