Saturday, September 22, 2007

Science project got you stumped?

If you've been assigned a science project this year (or know you will be), don't miss our Science Project Strategies program on Wednesday, September 26 at 6:30 p.m.. In this hour we'll give you tips and tricks on how to complete your science project, from how to pick a topic to what words to search for, from what books to use to great websites that can help. You'll get a strategy guide to take home with lots of information as well.

Whether your project is for Science Fair or just a general science project, Science Project Strategies can help make it easy (and fun)!

Registration not required but encouraged; register online or call the library at (708) 474-2447.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Read for a Lifetime sign up is coming to a close

It's true folks. Dry your eyes everyone. You still have until October 1st to sign up. Why sign up? Well if you didn't you would miss out on a coupon to Borders and a certificate signed by the Secretary of State, commending your accomplishments. It looks good on college applications as well. It's so easy to get these rewards too. All you have to do is read four books like American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Wang from the Read for a Lifetime list by March 31st. That's six whole months away!

Stop by the reference desk Youth Services to sign up or for more information!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ellen Hopkins did it again!

A New York Times best seller, impulse, by Ellen Hopkins brings you into the lives of the sick and twisted. Ellen Hopkins is also the author of Crank, which is a very popular young adult book.

Aspen Springs may sound like a nice vacation spot, but it is the total opposite-a treatment center. In Hopkins' impulse, three teens meet and form bonds more important to them then ever. Vanessa, a pretty teenage girl who cuts herself to left out how she feels, was sent to Aspen Springs after her little brother found her slicing her wrist with the cold steal it ached for in the bathroom. Conner, a stud, smart, cool, rich, and athletic, was put under too much pressure of his parents' need for perfection. After he tried to commit suicide and failed, he was sent to Aspen Springs. The last of the three introduced in the book is Tony. Tony is sexually confused, and at first claims to be homosexual. He figured out the hard way that if you down a half a bottle of Valium and then toss in a fifth of Jack Daniels, you pass out. He also figured out that if you pass out on the side walk, and then cops catch you, you go to the hospital first, and the loony bin follows.

Check out impulse and read more about why Vanessa cut, why Conner's life seemed to much for him to handle, and to find out if Tony really is gay, why he did so many drugs, and what exactly he did, other than overdose on drugs, to get him into Aspen Springs. You will get emotionally attached to the characters in this book, it will keep yourself asking questions and you'll no doubt fall in love with the three main characters. Read to see how and if each one makes it through the levels of the treatment center.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

TAB is back!

Hey everyone...
Do you think that you know what should be happening at your library? Do you wish that we had more books that you like? Are you constantly waiting for a program that hasn't happened yet?

Starting September 20 @ 4:00, Teen Advisory Board is back! Every third Thursday of the month will be TAB day! This is your chance to speak up so take advantage of it!