Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Anti-Catcher Cult

Saying that Tom "Chi-Mo" Henderson is on the bottom of the social ladder is am understatement. He refers to himself as the king of the dorks, and he is happy with that title. He has at least one friend. Sam Hellerman is his friend by alphabetical means. They've had lockers by each other forever so friendship seemed inevitable. Sam Hellerman is also the bass player of Tom's band, The Plasma Nukes also known as The Stoned Marmadukes also known as The Chi-Mos or whatever they decide the name will be on any certain day.

Tom is forced to read The Catcher in Rye...again. He remembers that there was a copy of the book amongst a bunch of boxes in his attic. The copy he finds belonged to his dead father. As Tom looks through the book, he discovers random underlined sentences. With his curiosity sparked, he looks through the remaining books to find other novels previously owned by his father. Book after book, Tom discovers clues that lead him on a search to find out what his father was like as a teenager.

Frank Portman's colorful novel King Dork follows Tom on a quest to find out information about a shadowed past, to find the elusive drummer for his band that will help put him on the map, and to find an understanding of life's greatest mystery....girls.

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