Thursday, October 04, 2007

Chat with your favorite author this month!

Would you like to talk to Stephenie Meyer about Edward, everyone's favorite vampire? Ask Lauren Myracle where she got the idea to write a book in IMs? Talk to Ellen Hopkins about her novels in verse (like the one Jackie reviewed just a few weeks ago)? Ask Ann Brashares if she owns a pair of traveling pants? How about talking with Chris Crutcher, Rachel Cohn, Carolyn Mackler, John Green, Sonya Sones, or 18 other YA authors?

It's not a dream... you can. To celebrate Teen Read Week, is hosting 31 Flavorite Authors chat for the entire month of October. Every night a different author will talk with readers and answer your questions about their novels, their characters, and whatever else you can think to ask. View the full schedule and details on how to chat by clicking here. If you talk to an author, leave a comment and let us know what you asked them (and what they said)!

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