Monday, November 19, 2007

Can you burn your guilt?

Gail Giles brings us a compelling story of a young man who is trying to live his life beyond the terrible guilt he is faced with. Right Behind You, introduces us to Kip, whose name changed after he murdered a boy in Alaska, faced four years in a mental institution. He was only nine years old when he entered the hospital and he was also the youngest because the institution normally only took in children twelve and up.

While in the hospital, Kip spent every day with children who did the most unbelievable things. He gave nicknames to all of the people who were in the institution, which represented his habit of shying away from people.

At age fourteen, Kip finally got to leave the mental hospital and try to lead a normal life. He moved to Indiana, changed his name and history, and for an entire year he kept his old life a secret.

Read Right Behind You to find out what Kip did to end up in a mental institution, what his real name is, how Kip did in Indiana, and if he burnt his guilt.

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