Thursday, January 24, 2008

Late-Night Homework Helper

Working on your homework but the library's closed? Just because it's 3:00 a.m. on Sunday doesn't mean the library can't help you out. We've got a great resource available if you're researching your science project (or doing a history report, or learning about polar bears, or writing about the state of Nebraska...). Check out the Student Research Center from EBSCOhost.

You'll have to log in with your Lansing library card barcode. (If you don't have a Lansing library card, please check with your home library to see if this resource is available for you.) Once logged in, click on the link that says "Student Research Center." Here you can search for your topic--for example, chromatography--and find articles from magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, and more.

Why is this better than using a search engine? As EBSCO says,

All the information is from trustworthy, reputable books and periodicals, which means it's accurate. And unlike search engines... SRC has lots of options (called limiters and expanders) to help narrow down and focus your search.
You'll see you can limit your results to full-text articles; search for photos, maps, and flags; change the dates (only find information from 2005 or newer, for example); and even find video clips.

If you need help using the SRC or EBSCO, feel free to IM or email the library!

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