Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Monster

by Ellen Hopkins is the sequel to Crank, a book about Kristina Georgia Snow. A book about a smart, young, high school student who went to visit her dead beat dad, to give him a chance, to get to know him. That is when Kristina transformed into Bree, a crystal meth addict who didn't care about anything other than getting high, partying, and finding "love".

In Glass, Kristina thinks she can finally control the monster, the glass, the ice because she has a baby to take care of. Kristina thinks Bree will be a person of the past and her life will become normal again. FAT CHANCE. Kristina now needs the monster more than ever before. She realizes that she begins to get high all the time, not just in social situations.

Read more to see how far she will go for the monster, how much she will let Bree ruin, and how she will spend the rest of her life.

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