Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Time to Vote for the Lincoln Award!

You're probably busy with Read for a Lifetime (which you should be, because it's such a great program to finish, so be sure you get your books read for that first!), but why not check and see if you're eligible to cast a vote for the Abraham Lincoln Award as well? Freshman through Seniors who've read four books from this list of nominees can place a vote for their favorite to win. The Lincoln is an Illinois Student Choice award similar to the Rebecca Caudill Award.

You have until the end of the month to vote, so if you've read at least four and are interested stop by the Teen Desk and we'll collect your vote!

I've read four from that list--Twilight, House of the Scorpion, Heir Apparent, and Pirates! Leave a comment and let us know how many you've read!

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