Monday, February 04, 2008

Writers, poets, playwrights, artists, journalists...

AVATAR! needs you!

Our newspaper written by and for teens is suffering from a lack of articles. We need more writings to publish our next issue!

What we accept:
Fiction stories
Poems or plays
Movie, music, or book reviews
Sports articles
Artwork, including photography
Just about anything else you can think of!

Did you write or draw something in school you're especially proud of? Publish it in AVATAR! Send your submissions to us via email at or drop them off in person at the Teen Desk.

[If you submitted something for our February-March issue, we're saving it for the April-May issue. So you'll see your work in print then.]


Mimzy said...

Hi, I actually live in Ohio, but I like reading your blog just for the news about teen lit and such (and because my own library doesn't really have an equivalent). I'm not eligible to submit anything to your newspaper, am I? :-)

Gail said...

Mimzy, we'd love your submission! Send it in via email and we'll try to work it into our next issue!

Thanks for reading! :)