Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good Reads

Do you ever want to see what books other people really like...or really hate?

Check out Good Reads and keep track of what books you have read and pick how good...or how bad you thought the book was!

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John said...

I just stumbled on your blog somewhat randomly, but noticed that you were talking about goodreads. Recently, I've been working on a site called that lets you track books as well as movies, music, and other interests. It works kind of like goodreads but allows you to track more types of media with your friends in one place. It also lets you create "vines" between books that recommend one book to a user who's looking at another book.

We actually released very recently and would be really interested in getting feedback from folks like you who use similar services and are active in the blogosphere. You can visit and request an account to try it out (we'll send you a link shortly after your request) or ping me at my email w/ any questions. Thanks!