Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sweethearts: a novel

What if your childhood was so bad that you only had one friend?
What if everyone made fun of you for your weight and being dirty?
What if your mother was never home, so to avoid being the smelly kid, you had to do your own laundry when you were seven years old?
What if to forget about how bad your life was you just ate and ate and ate?
What if your only friend mysteriously disappeared and everyone at school told you he died?

All these things happened to Jennifer Harris and when she finally decided to transform herself into Jenna Vaughn, she became pretty, popular, and smart. Her life was finally everything she wanted. She had a boyfriend, great friends, and a great family.

When her one childhood friend, the one she believed to be dead, comes back into her life, everything Jenna worked so hard to change and forget comes back.

Read Sweethearts: a novel to find out more!

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