Saturday, January 03, 2009

Big Fat Manifesto

When you see overweight people, what to you do? What do you think? Let's be honest, most people laugh out loud, to themselves, or make a rude comment to their friend. Most people think things like, "ya know, if they just exercised, they would lose weight and be happy" or "fat people are lazy" or "if she just put down that cheeseburger, maybe she would fit into nicer clothes". Many people are stuck on those thoughts and ideas because of what TV and other media feeds them.

Jamie Carcaterra has had enough. Jamie is a high school senior, a part of the newspaper staff, a part of the drama department, a friend, a girlfriend, a daughter, and an obese teen. She starts a column in her school newspaper to confront all of the people who thinks those things about fat people. She dubs herself "Fat Girl" and "sticks it to the man". It seems like Jamie will stop at nothing to get her point across, and along the way she finds out a lot about herself and her life. She's been a Fat Girl her whole life, is that all she will ever be?

Susan Vaught gets into the head of a fat girl and brings to readers to understand that everyone has issues, no matter what size.

Wanna find out what happens? Check out Big Fat Manifesto by Susan Vaught.

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KarenPease said...

Good luck with your book-- I intend to pick up a copy! Thank you for giving kids this resource! Karen Bessey Pease, author of juvenile fiction (Grumble Bluff)