Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Check out this Caudill!

A Crooked Kind of Perfect
by Linda Urban

Zoe Elias has one dream. One day she will perform intricate piano pieces on the stage of Carnegie Hall. She will wear a beautiful evening gown, long gloves that reach her elbows, and a tiara. She will be the next prodigy. There’s only one thing that stands in her way. Zoe needs to learn how to play the piano.

Zoe’s life changes when her father goes to the mall in hopes to buy her a piano. Boy is she surprised when the deliverymen don’t bring in a piano. Instead, Zoe finds the Perfectone D60 sitting in front of her. The Perfectone D60 is an organ with fake walnut veneer and none of the majesty of a piano. By purchasing the Perfectone D60, Zoe is promised free lessons from Maybelline Person, pronounced “per-sawn”. Zoe learns that becoming a prodigy takes a lot of work. With the support of her neurotic father and her annoying classmate, Wheeler, Zoe pushes forward and struggles to become great. Soon Zoe has her chance to perform on stage at the Perfectone Performorama.

A Crooked Kind of Perfect is a quirky story about a young girl achieving her goal. Brought the life by the colorful characters and hilarious situations, this novel is a quick but entertaining read. A Crooked Kind of Perfect is just the thing for younger teen readers.

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