Wednesday, October 14, 2009

World Ruled by Video Games?? YES PLEASE!

By Conor Kostick

Erik lives on New Earth, a place where violence was banned generations ago. Anyone who commits an act of violence is immediately exiled. The only way to settle disputes or handle appeals to the government, known as Central Allocations, is through a video game. Everyone, starting at a young age, makes a character that must start with nothing in hopes to adventure enough to get enough equipment and money to make a difference in their lives and attend the prestigious Mikelgard University. Most people never get successful enough in the game to move up in the ranks of society and spend their lives working in crop fields or salt mines. But there are also a few who will risk everything to get themselves heard, like Erik, his friends, and his father.

When Erik’s father is exiled, Erik decides to try a new technique in playing the game. Instead of putting all of his character points into becoming a strong, bland-looking fighter like everyone else, he finds an obscure class known as a swashbuckler and puts almost all of his points into his female character’s appearance. Right upon starting the game, doors never available to average players open up and Erik sees a different side of the game. Erik learns that in order to save his exiled family he must rally up his friends and defeat some of the toughest opposition in the game such as Inry’aat, the red dragon, the Committee, a group of older players that run the game, and a vampire who is a little more than he seems.

Epic takes the video gamer’s dream of life built around a video game and creates a science fiction world to house it. Conor Kostick uses terms that are easy to understand for those unfamiliar with video games but will also suck video game fans in. Epic appeals to those uninterested in reading the perfect story. Full of loyalty, determination, and teamwork, Epic is full of amazing characters overcoming elite opposition.

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