Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Everlost, YA Book of the Month

Some might think this book is about dying, about the end of two young lives. Actually it's about a new beginning, a rebirth for Nick and Allie.
Everlost quickly lures you in with the first 2 pages of chapter one, "On the Way to the Light..."
We meet Allie and Nick, each teen living a remarkably normal life of arguing with parents, elbowing annoying brothers and sisters and sneaking a bite of chocolate. All it takes is one split second on a hairpin turn when the Toyota and Mercedes meet head on. Allie briefly experiences the calming light at the end of the tunnel when she bumps into something and is thrown off course. When both Nick and Allie finally wake up, they find themselves in Everlost, a limbo that's halfway between life and death. They pass through several stages of realization about their new existence and along the way meet many other interesting characters also trapped in Everlost. Mary, the queen of lost souls, monster McGill, the Afterlights and the Finders are just a few who help move this story along. Everlost by Neal Shusterman is a highly recommended book, one that will make the reader question what happens when life as we know it comes to an end.

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