Wednesday, January 06, 2010

January's Book of the Month

Paper Towns
By John Green

Q has always had a thing for the girl-next-door, Margo Roth Spiegelman. When they were kids, Q and Margo always played together. When they reached high school, Margo turned into one of the most popular and mysterious teens in the school. Q did not. One night during their senior year of high school, Margo shows up at Q’s window and insists he drive her around town. Little does Q know what Margo has planned, but he is soon faced with smelly fish, blue paint, and paper towns. Q heads to school the next day, expecting his bizarre adventure with Margo to continue, but soon finds out that Margo has vanished.

Disappearing is not a new trick for Margo, but Q senses something is wrong. Margo has left various clues which seem to just lead to more clues and more dead ends. Q finally decides the only way to find Margo is to take on the difficult task of tracking her down across various states in time for their graduation ceremony. Q is faced with the realization that maybe Margo doesn’t want to be found. Maybe she wants to live the rest of her life in a paper town, a town that only exists on maps.

Paper Towns is quirky and original. Green spares no expense in creating an elusive, unattainable character like Margo. Margo is barely present in the book, but is almost more developed than Q, the narrator. Once again, Green packs his novel with a humor all of its own. Paper Towns is a coming of age story with a twist of unpredictability and full of emotion.

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