Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Book of the Month - April

Dragonfly by Julia Golding

A princess is betrothed to a prince to unite their nations . . . except that she can't stand the idea, and neither can he. Taoshira, the newest of four elected princesses, comes from the Blue Crescent Islands, where discipline, formality, and the Goddess rule. Ramil's princely upbringing revolves around riding horses and doing what he likes while worshipping a fighting God. Their meeting sparks misunderstanding and instant dislike, to the point that Taoshira wants to call off the marriage.

What starts badly gets worse when prince and princess are ambushed and kidnapped by a group of circus folk. Taoshira and Ramil are brought before Fergox, a vicious warlord scheming for world domination. Fergox plans to humiliate and torment Taoshira into renouncing her faith before marrying her, while Fergox's sister, the Inkar Yellowtooth, has her eye on Ramil. Taoshira and Ramil reject those marriage plans even harder than they rejected their own.

Princess and prince make a desperate bid to escape Fergox and his bloodthirsty sister. Seeking help along the way, Taoshira and Ramil attempt to deliver word of Fergox's upcoming siege to Ramil's father, King Lagan, and to Taoshira's island people to prevent Fergox from taking over their lands and their lives.

Filled with surprising turns and powerful characters, Dragonfly satisfies with its fast-paced action, touches of humor, and deeper themes of faith, devotion, and understanding.

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