Tuesday, June 29, 2010

July Teen Events

Jr. High Book Discussion:
Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Thursday, July 1st @ 5 p.m.
Grades 6-8

When thirteen-year-olds Jonah and Chip, who are both adopted, learn they were discovered on a plane that appeared out of nowhere, full of babies with no adults on board, they realize that they have uncovered a mystery involving time travel and two opposing forces, each trying to repair the fabric of time.
Sign-up is appreciated, but not required

Tuesday, July 6th @ 5 p.m.
Grades 6-12

Storms can't ruin our fun! The luau is still on, just pushed back a bit. Let our luau transport you to Hawaii. Hang ten with some rockin' tunes. Stuff your face with beach party food and make-you-own-smoothies.
Sign-up is not required

Movie Night: The Goonies
Thursday, July 8th @ 5 p.m.
es 6 and up
The f
ilm follows a group of misfit kids as they search for buried treasure in a subterranean cavern. Here they cross the path of lady criminal Mama Fratelli and her outlaw brood. Fortunately, the kids manage to befriend Fratelli's hideously deformed (but soft-hearted) son, who comes to their rescue. Rated PG
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Teen Game Day
Tuesday, July 13th @ 4 p.m.
Grades 6-12

Game Day
is back! Stop by and play with our new Wii. If that's not your style, board games will also be available.
Sign-up is not required

Teen Craft: Marble Magnets
Thursday, July 15th @ 2 p.m.
Grades 6-12

Combine words, pictures, and marbles to make you own custom magnets. The magnets will look awesome on your fridge or in your locker.
Sign-up is appreciated, but not required

r Fight Party
Saturday, July 17th @ 2 p.m.
Grades 6-12
If we can't go to the beach, we'll make the beach come to us! Prepare yourself for the ultimate water party complete with squirt guns, water balloons, and more! Warning: you will get wet so dress appropriately. Bring beach towels to dry off with at the end of the party.
is not required

Jr. Hi
gh Book Discussion:
The Alchemyst
by Michael Scott
Tuesday, July 20th @ 5 p.m.
Grades 6-8

While w
orking at pleasant but mundane summer jobs in San Francisco, fifteen-year-old twins, Sophie and Josh, suddenly find themselves caught up in the deadly, centuries-old struggle between rival alchemists, Nicholas Flamel and John Dee, over the possession of an ancient and powerful book holding the secret formulas for alchemy and everlasting life.
Sign-up is appreciated, but not required.

School Book Discussion:
Monstrumologist by Richard Yancey
sday, July 22nd @ 5 p.m.
es 9-12
In 1888, twelve-year-old Will Henry chronicles his
apprenticeship with Dr. Warthrop, a scientist who hunts and studies real-life monsters, as they discover and attempt to destroy a pod of Anthropophagi.
Sign-up is appreciated, but not required.

Battle of the Books
Tuesday, July 27th @ 6 p.m.
The time has come for the battle to begin! Everyone is invited to watch the teams who have worked so hard reading books all summer compete against one another to see who knows books best. Winner receive a gift certificate and all participants receive an autographed book.

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