Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September Book of the Month

Fat Kid Rules the World
By K.L. Going

Troy Billings isn’t just a fat kid. Troy is the fat kid. He is the fat kid that huffs and puffs when he breathes. He’s the fat kid that trips over everything. He’s the fat kid that jiggles when he runs. Worst of all, Troy is the fat kids that will always make people laugh, especially when it’s at his expense and would not be funny if a skinny person was involved. One day, Troy was standing on the edge of a subway platform, carefully considering how humorous it would be if he propelled his almost 300 pounds into the subway tunnel and splattered against a speeding train. Apparently, Troy found the scenario very amusing and started laughing. Troy’s fit of giggles was interrupted by a voice crammed in a tiny corner belonging to the dirtiest, skinniest boy Troy had ever seen. This was the day Troy met the infamous high school legend, Curt MacCrae.

At first, Troy is in awe that the Curt MacCrae, the most amazing guitar player ever, is sitting in front of him. The astonishment continues as Curt demands Troy buy him dinner. He did, after all, save Troy’s life. It’s from there that Curt reveals his twisted brainchild; Curt and Troy are going to be a band. The biggest problem, other than his weight issue, is that Troy doesn’t know how to play the drums. But Curt has decreed it and now it is so. Troy takes Curt home with him where there is a run-in with Troy’s ex-military father and jock brother. Curt wiggles his way into their home and becomes a staple in the Billings home in the hopes that Troy and his family can help him get clean, while Troy is introduced firsthand to the world of underground punk rock and wonders if he could ultimately rule the world.

While the plot of Fat Kid Rules the World may be a bit slow or non-existent at times, Going thrusts the story forward purely by relationships and self-actualization. Troy and Curt are the complete opposite from one another, but are the perfect punk rock duo. Even small, supporting characters come alive, daring you to move to New York to find them and make them your own friends. Going covers many hot button issues such as drugs, obesity, music subcultures, and overall, friendship.